Congratulations! RCSC League Champions!

Tidal Waves is a recreational youth swim team. Our home pool is at Poly HS. The swim team is open to swimmers ages 5-18. Our main season runs from April 7th to July 18th. We are an all-volunteer organization, participating in the Riverside County Swim Conference (RCSC.) 

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We will have an off-season swim session from Sept. 8th to Nov. 20th. Off-season swim sessions are 3 days a week for 1 hour a day. Times/days of practice will depend on pool availability. Registration will take place the first week of practice. Send us an email to to get on our email distribution list. Cost for off-season registration will be approx. $80 per swimmer.

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Registration for our summer season will take place in the second or third week of March. Send us an email to get on our distribution list. The cost of registration will be $180.

For more information contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When it rains, do we still have practice? A: Yes, we still hold practice in the rain. The kids are going to get wet anyway! The only thing that will stop a practice is lightning.

Q: My swimmer is not a great swimmer, but she can swim, can she be on the team? A: Yes, as long as the swimmer can swim unassisted, she can be on the team. We will provide instruction for the strokes (like butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke.) However, Tidal Waves is not a learn to swim program. Swimmers should already be able to swim to participate on the team.

Q: When is registration? A: Registration will probably be the third week of March. An email will be sent to all addresses on file with the exact dates and times. This website will also be updated when the date is set. No registrations will be accepted after May 15th.

Q: How much does it cost? A: The regular season registration fee is $180. Off season registration is $75. Discounts are available for the 2nd and 3rd swimmers from the same family.

Q: What does registration include? A: Registration is a one-time cost for the whole season. We have practices 4-5 days per week for the whole season. You can come to as many practices as you want.We will have 6-8 swim meets and one practice meet (about 1 per week starting around the second week of May) All swimmers who particpate in at least half the meets will get a trophy at the end of the season.

Q: What should I bring to practice. A: A swim suit. Goggles and towels are optional, but recommended.

Q: Do I really have to volunteer? A: Yes! We need about 40 people to run a swim meet. People are needed to: set up, time, keep score, stage, announce, clean up, and other things. We require volunteers so that swim meets can be run smoothly and efficiently. If you have questions about voluntering, just talk to our volunteer coordinator.

Q: When will practice be? A: We have practice sessions from 5:00-7:00 pm. They are divided by age group. The youngest go first and the oldest go last. Your exact practice times will be determined based on the number of sign-ups that we get at registration and your swimmers age.

Q: What are the trophy time standards? A: The trophy time standards are a goal that the swimmers can strive for. If they are able to get a "B" time or "A" time, they get a slightly larger trophy at the end of the season. For each level up, a larger trophy is received. This intended as a tool to help motivate the swimmer to improve; instead of just worrying about what place they get in a race.